High-Frequency Hippocampal Oscillations Activated by Optogenetic Stimulation of Transplanted Human ESC-Derived Neurons.

J Neurosci
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Juan C Pina-Crespo
Maria Talantova
Eun-Gyung Cho
Walid Soussou
Nima Dolatabadi
Scott D Ryan
Rajesh Ambasudhan
Scott McKercher
Karl Deisseroth
Stuart A Lipton
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After transplantation, individual stem cell-derived neurons can functionally integrate into the host CNS; however, evidence that neurons derived from transplanted human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) can drive endogenous neuronal network activity in CNS tissue is still lacking. Here, using multielectrode array recordings, we report activation of high-frequency oscillations in the beta and gamma ranges (10-100 Hz) in the host hippocampal network via targeted optogenetic stimulation of transplanted hESC-derived neurons.