University of California, Irvine

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Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center
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Not for profit

Awards to the Institution

Award Value
SEED Grant: Frank LaFerla Development of human ES cell lines as a model system for Alzheimer disease drug discovery $473,963
Early Translational III: Craig Walsh Multiple Sclerosis therapy: Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells $4,590,219
SEED Grant: Grant MacGregor Production of Oocytes from Human ES Cells $385,466
Shared Labs: Peter Donovan Regional Human Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Research Laboratory and Stem Cell Techniques Course $3,072,500
Disease Team Planning: Leslie Thompson Huntington's Disease Team $41,953
Basic Biology II: Marian Waterman TCF-3: A Wnt Pathway Effector and Nanog Regulator in Pluripotent Stem Cell Self-Renewal $1,259,879
SEED Grant: Vincent Procaccio Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Embryonic Stem Cells $245,582
Disease Team Therapy Development - Research: Henry Klassen Retinal progenitor cells for treatment of retinitis pigmentosa $17,144,825
SEED Grant: Michelle Khine Micro Platform for Controlled Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation $156,426
Tools and Technologies I: Lisa Flanagan Novel Separation of Stem Cell Subpopulations $861,122
Shared Labs: Peter Donovan Regional Human Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Research Laboratory and Stem Cell Techniques Course $2,107,376
Early Translational II: Brian Cummings Neural restricted, FAC-sorted, human neural stem cells to treat traumatic brain injury $1,517,767
New Faculty II: Edwin Monuki Mechanisms in Choroid Plexus Epithelial Development $2,793,395
Early Translational IV: Magdalene Seiler Restoring vision by sheet transplants of retinal progenitors and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) $3,998,948
SEED Grant: Kyoko Yokomori Derivation and characterization of human ES cells from FSHD embryos $607,200
Tools and Technologies I: Orhan NALCIOGLU A Multimodality Molecular Imaging Systen (MRSPECT) for in Vivo Stem Cell Tracking $719,798
Early Translational II: Leslie Thompson A hESc-based Development Candidate for Huntington's Disease $4,045,253
Comprehensive Grant: Peter Donovan Improved hES Cell Growth and Differentiation $2,381,713
Basic Biology V: Lisa Flanagan Molecular basis of plasma membrane characteristics reflecting stem cell fate potential $994,108
SEED Grant: Thomas Lane Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Remyelination in a Viral Model of Demyelination $368,081
New Faculty I: Andrew Putnam A Novel Engineered Niche to Explore the Vasculogenic Potential of Embryonic Stem Cells $395,764
Tools and Technologies III: Mathew Blurton-Jones Optimizing the differentiation and expansion of microglial progenitors from human pluripotent stem cells for the study and treatment of neurological disease. $1,147,596
Early Translational II: Henry Klassen Human retinal progenitor cells as candidate therapy for retinitis pigmentosa $1,803,768
Comprehensive Grant: Douglas Wallace The Dangers of Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy in Stem Cells Created by Therapeutic Cloning $1,790,133
Basic Biology V: Peter Donovan Non-invasive live imaging of stem cell signature metabolic states $540,480
SEED Grant: Brian Cummings The Immunological Niche: Effect of immunosuppressant drugs on stem cell proliferation, gene expression, and differentiation in a model of spinal cord injury. $595,345
Research Training II: Peter Donovan Research Training Program II $6,315,379
Early Translational II: leif Havton Repair of Conus Medullaris/Cauda Equina Injury using Human ES Cell-Derived Motor Neurons $1,527,011
Preclinical Development Awards: Leslie Thompson A hNSC Development Candidate for Huntington’s Disease $4,951,623
Comprehensive Grant: Hans Keirstead hESC-Derived Motor Neurons For the Treatment of Cervical Spinal Cord Injury $2,158,445
Major Facilities: Michael Drake UC Irvine CIRM Institute $27,156,000
SEED Grant: Charles Limoli Using human embryonic stem cells to treat radiation-induced stem cell loss: Benefits vs cancer risk $593,242
Training Grant I-1: Peter Bryant Stem Cell Research Training Grant $1,935,487
New Cell Lines: Leslie Thompson New Cell Lines for Huntington's Disease $1,302,526
Early Translational I: Frank LaFerla Neural Stem Cells as a Developmental Candidate to Treat Alzheimer Disease $3,599,997
Disease Team Planning: Henry Klassen Stem cells for neuroprotection of photoreceptors in retinitis pigmentosa $23,537
Basic Biology II: Aileen Anderson Role of the microenvironment in human iPS and NSC fate and tumorigenesis $1,256,194
Tools and Technologies III: leif Havton Development of Relevant Pre-clinical Animal Model as a Tool to Evaluate Human Stem Cell-Derived Replacement Therapies for Motor Neuron Injuries and Degenerative Diseases $1,308,711
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