Institution RFA PI Name Award Value ViaCyte, Inc. Disease Team Research I Allan Robins Cell Therapy for Diabetes $22,999,933 ViaCyte, Inc. Strategic Partnership I Howard Foyt Preclinical and clinical testing of a stem cell-based combination product for insulin-dependent diabetes $10,075,070 ViaCyte, Inc. Disease Team Planning Emmanuel Baetge Development of a Cell Replacement Therapy Product for Insulin Dependent Diabetes $48,950 ViaCyte, Inc. Accelerated Development Pathway I Howard Foyt Clinical Development of a Cell Therapy for Diabetes $0 ViaCyte, Inc. Early Translational I Olivia Kelly Methods for detection and elimination of residual human embryonic stem cells in a differentiated cell product $5,405,397 ViaCyte, Inc. Tools and Technologies I Evert Kroon Development of the Theracyte Cellular Encapsulation System for Delivery of human ES Cell-derived Pancreatic Islets and Progenitors. $827,072