Intellectual Property and Industry Engagement Subcommittee

Membership of Subcommittee: 8 to 11 ICOC Members

Mission Statement

The Intellectual Property and Industry Engagement Subcommittee will work, in consultation with CIRM staff, to develop intellectual property policies and regulations and to engage industry as a partner in order to advance CIRM’s mission and to protect the interests of the State of California in CIRM-funded research. The Subcommittee’s jurisdiction includes (1) establishing intellectual property standards that balance the opportunity of the State of California to benefit from the patents, royalties and licenses that result from basic research, therapy development, and clinical trials with the need to assure that essential medical research and resulting therapy development are not unreasonably hindered by the standards; (2) considering the intellectual property implications of CIRM’s collaborations with other countries, states, foundations and other strategic partners as well as approaches to assist CIRM grantees in protecting intellectual property generated from CIRM-funded research and development; (3) evaluating state and federal legislation and administrative and judicial decisions relating to intellectual property matters and advising the Legislative Subcommittee on legislative issues; (4) developing and refining policies to encourage industry involvement in CIRM-funded research and development programs, including encouraging participation by industry representatives as scientific members of CIRM’s Grants Working Group; and (5) considering and refining CIRM’s loan program and other financing issues related to industry engagement.

Subcommittee Members

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Upcoming Meetings

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Intellectual Property and Industry Engagement Subcommittee meeting transcripts and agendas are available in the meeting archives.