Grants Review Working Group Members


Patient Advocates of the ICOC


Jonathan Thomas (ex-officio) ICOC Chairman
David Higgins ICOC Patient Advocate - Parkinson's Disease
Lauren Miller ICOC Patient Advocate - Alzheimer’s Disease
Francisco Prieto ICOC Patient Advocate - Type I Diabetes
Al Rowlett ICOC Patient Advocate - Mental Health
Jeff Sheehy ICOC Patient Advocate - HIV/AIDS
Oswald Steward ICOC Patient Advocate - Spinal Cord Injury
Art Torres ICOC Patient Advocate - Alternate
Diane Winokur ICOC Patient Advocate - ALS and Multiple Sclerosis




Stewart Abbot Celgene Cellular Therapeutics Development of Cellular-based Therapeutics
Gyula Acsadi Connecticut Children's Medical Center Pediatric Neurology; Gene Therapy for Motor Neuron Disease
Julie Allickson Wake Forest School of Medicine Quality Assurance/Control, Regulatory Affairs, Process Development and GMP Manufacturing
Brenda Andrews University of Toronto Genomics; Phenomics: Cell Cycle Regulated Transcription
Ali Arbab Georgia Health Sciences University Imaging; Cell Tracking; Radiology; Oncology
Nazem Atassi Massachusetts General Hospital Translational Research and Clinical trials in Neurodegenerative Disorders
Andrew Balber Cicada Biopharmaceutical Consulting Immunology, Cellular Therapeutics
Roger Barker University of Cambridge Neuoscience; PD; HD; Cell Therapy; Biomarkers, Neurogenesis
Margaret Baron Mount Sinai School of Medicine Developmental Hematopoiesis; Embryogenesis
Julia Barrett Biologics Consulting Group, Inc. Clinical Consultant; Regulatory
Amelia Bartholomew University of Illinois-Chicago Hematopoietic & Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Transplantation Tolerance; Solid Organ Transplantation
Bradley Bernstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology Genomics Approaches to the Study of Chromatin Structure and Cancer
Mick Bhatia McMaster University Somatic & Pluripotent Stem Cell Development; Hematopoiesis
Sangeeta Bhatia Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bioengineering, Nanotechnology
Lauren Black Charles River Laboratory Regulatory (Pharmacology / Toxicology)
Susan Bonner-Weir Joslin Diabetes Center Diabetes
Cesar Borlongan University of South Florida Cell Therapy for Brain Disorders Including Stroke and Neonatal Ischemic Injury
Kenneth Brayman University of Virginia Health System Diabetes; Kidney & Islet Transplantation; Peripheral Vascualar Disease
Christopher Breuer Nationwide Children's Hospital Pediatric Surgery; Tissue Engineering; Vascular Biology
Ali Brivanlou The Rockefeller University Developmental Biology
Vania Broccoli San Raffaele Scientific Institute Genetics & Neural Stem Cell Fate; Hereditory Neural Syndromes; Neurodevelopment
Ulrich Broeckel Medical College of Wisconsin Genetics & Cardiovascular Disease; Pharmacogenetics; iPSC Modeling
Patrik Brundin Van Andel Institute Neural Transplantation (PD)
Jason Burdick University of Pennsylvania Development of Hydrogels for Biologic Application
Joy Cavagnaro Access Bio Regulatory; Preclinical Development; Cell & Gene Therapy
John Centanni University of Wisconsin Clinical Product Development for Cellular Therapeutics
Rajesh Chopra Celgene Corporation Oncology; Hematology; Stem Cells; Translational Medicine
Jose Cibelli Michigan State University Cellular Reprogramming; Stem Cell Biology; Pluripotency
Hans Clevers Hubrect Institute Wnt Signaling & Cancer; Adult Stem Cells
Chad Cowan Harvard University Stem Cell Biology, In vitro Models of Disease
Charles Cox, Jr University of Texas Medical School at Houston Pediatric Trauma; Neurologic Injury; Bio-hybrid Organs; Cardiopulmonary
John Crowley Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Design & Analysis of Cancer Clinical Trials
Linda Custer Tarveda Therapeutics Clinical Operations
George Daley Children's Hospital Boston Stem Cell Biology; Reprogramming; Blood Disorders; Disease Process
Margot Damaser Cleveland Clinic Female Pelvic Dysfunction; Urinary & Fecal Incontinence; Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Carol Danielson Regulatory Advantage, LLC Clinical Regulatory; CMC Regulatory; Cell Therapy, Biologics, & Small Molecule Therapeutics
Cosimo de Bari University of Aberdeen Skeletal Repair; Potency Assays; Arthritis
Willard Dere University of Utah Clinical Development; Endocrine, Bone, & General Medicine Research & Development
Marc Diamond UT Southwestern Therapeutic Targets & Small Molecules (HD & Tauopathies)
John DiPersio Washington University School of Medicine Leukemias, Bone Marrow Transplantation
Daniel Doherty Seattle Children's Hospital Developmental Pediatrics; Genetics & Hindbrain Malformations
Boro Dropulic Lentigen Lentiviral Vector Technology; HIV/AIDS
Gary du Moulin Genzyme Quality Compliance for Cell Therapy/Tissue Engineering
Ian D. Duncan University of Wisconsin Neurodegenerative Diseases (MS)
Douglas C. Eaton Emory University School of Medicine Cellular Signaling Mechanisms
Jay Edelberg Bristol-Myers Squibb Cardiovascular Disease Therapies, Biomarkers
Wafik El-Deiry University of Pennsylvania Hematology-Oncology; Radiobiology
James Ellis The Hospital for Sick Children Vector Development; Reprogramming; iPSC Banking; Rett Syndrome
Todd Evans Weil Cornell Medical College Developmental and Molecular Biology
Charles ffrench-Constant University of Cambridge Neurogenesis, Neurodegenerative Diseases (MS)
Richard Finkel Nemours Children's Hospital Pediatric Neuromuscular Disorders; Fetal Neurology; Metabolic Disorders
Meri Firpo University of Minnesota Stem Cell Biology; Transplantation Therapies for Diabetes
Alan Flake Children's Hospital of Philadelphia In utero Cell & Gene Therapy; Pediatric Surgery
Thomas Freeman University of South Florida Neural Transplantation; Spine Surgery
Joyce Frey-Vasconcells PharmaNet Consulting Regulatory (CMC)
Stephen Friend Sage Bionetworks Molecular Profiling; Oncology; Drug Discovery
Mark Furth Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Fetal & Adult Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine
Adrian Gee Baylor College of Medicine CMC for Cell and Gene Therapy, HSC, & Blood Bank Standards
Bruce Gelb Mount Sinai Hospital Pediatric Cardiology; Cardiomyopathy; Cardiovascular Genetics: Heart Transplantation
Manuela Gernert University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Pathophysiology of Epilepsies; Neural Transplantation; Drug Delivery in Epilepsy
Richard Gibbs Baylor College of Medicine Genomics of Cancer, Heart Disease, & Autism
Jonathan D. Glass Emory University Neuromuscular Disorders; Peripheral Neuropathies (ALS)
Marcie Glicksman Brigham and Women’s Hospital Assay Development; Preclinical Development; Animal Pharmacology
Kevin Gregory-Evans University of British Columbia Ophthalmology
May Griffith Linkopings University Regenerative Medicine; Biomaterials; Eye (Cornea)
James Guest The Miami Project Spinal Cord Injury; Preclinical Animal Modeling
Christie Gunter HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Human Genetics & Genomics; Fragile X Syndrome
Kurt Gunter Cell Medica Inc. Regulatory Affairs, Therapy Development
Timothy Hacker University of Wisconsin Animal Models of Disease for Preclinical Testing
Brian Harfe University of Florida Developmental Biology, microRNA
John Hassell McMaster University Cancer Biology (Breast); Therapeutics; Cell Signaling; Functional Genomics
Franz Hefti Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Drug Development; Neuroscience (AD)
Derek Hei University of Wisconsin–Madison Developing Cell and Gene Therapeutics for Clinical Trials; Cell Manufacturing
Shelly Heimfeld Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Cellular Therapy; Hematology; GMP Cell Production
Anthony Hollander University of Bristol Chondrogenesis; Osteoarthritis; Tissue Engineering; Trachea Engineering
Lee Hood Institute for Systems Biology Systems Biology & Personalized Medicine
Ole Isacson Harvard University Neurodegenerative Disease (PD, HD); Neuroregeneration
Laurie Jackson-Grusby Children's Hospital Boston Epigenetic Basis of Disease
Robin Jenkins Sanofi-Aventis Medical Affairs; Global Development; Clinical Trial Data Management
Jane Johnson UT Southwestern Neurogenesis; Somatosensory Circuit; Pharmacology; Cancer Biology
Alexandra Joyner Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Developmental Biology
Henry Kaplan University of Louisville Ophthalmology
Douglas Kerr Biogen Idec Neuronal Injury; Motor Neuron Disease; Neurodegeneration
Ali Khademhosseini Brigham and Women's Hospital Nanotechnologies for Controling Cellular Behavior
Ann Kiessling Harvard Institutes of Medicine Reproductive Biology, HIV
Daniel Kim University of Texas Medical School at Houston Neurological Surgery; Spinal Surgery
Kathleen Kirby Viridian Strategies Clinical Operations; Gene Therapy & Biologics; Organ Indications
Vassilis Koliatsos Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Traumatic & Degenerative Brain Injury and Repair; Alzheimer’s Disease
Olle Korsgren Uppsala University Hospital Islet Allo- & Xenotransplantation; Transplantation Immunology
Darrell Kotton Boston University Stem Cell & Gene Therapy; Lung Developmental Biology; Pulmonary Medicine
Diane Krause Yale University School of Medicine Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
Paul Kulesa Stowers Institute for Medical Research Cell Migration, Imaging
Andrew Kung Columbia Unversity Medical Center Tumor/Stem Cell Biology, Clinical Transplantation
John Kuo University of Wisconsin-Madison Neurosurgury; Neuro-oncology; Cancer Stem Cell Biology
Daniel Kuritzkes Harvard Medical School HIV-1 Persistence and Eradication; Resistance to Antiretroviral Drugs; Viral Fitness; Viral Tropism
Joanne Kurtzberg Duke University Children’s Hospital Stem Cell Transplantation; Cord Blood
Brian Kwon Vancouver General Hospital Spinal Cord Injury
John Lake University of Minnesota Liver, Solid Organ Transplantation
Joseph Laning University of Massachusetts Cell Banking; Human Embryonic Stem Cell Banking
Jane Larkindale NMD Consulting Neuromuscular Disease; Patient Outreach; Venture Philanthropy
Olle Lindvall University Hospital, Lund Neurogenesis & Neural Transplantation (PD, Stroke, Epilepsy
Russell Lonser Ohio State University Neurosurgery; Drug Delivery; Neural Disorders; Neuro-oncology
Christian Lorson University of Missouri Alternative Splicing; Spinal Muscular Atrophy; Gene Therapy
Pradeep Mammen UT Southwestern Cardiology; Heart Failure/Transplantation; Neuromuscular Cardiomyopathy
Hai-Quan Mao Johns Hopkins University Material Science; Nano Technology: Drug/Gene Delivery; Stem Cell Expansion
Robert Marcus Independent Consultant Clinical & Drug Development in Osteoporosis & Bone Medicine
Robert Masson NeuroSpine Institute Neurosurgery; Bone & Spinal Surgery
Barbara Matthews BioDirect, Inc. Regulatory Affairs; Clinical Development Strategy
John Mattick Garvan Institute of Medical Research Genetics & Genomics; Non-coding DNA
Jacob McCauley University of Miami Genetic Epidemiology; Multiple Sclerosis; Neurodegenerative Disease
David McKenna University of Minnesota Development of Cellular-based Therapies; GMP Manufacturing
Samir Mehta University of Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Trauma; Fractures; Articular Cartilage Injury
Alexander Meissner Harvard University Stem Cell Biology; Epigenetic and Cellular Reprogramming
Ivar M. Mendez Dalhousie University Neurotransplantation, Neurosurgery, Robotics
Edmund Mickunas Independent Consultant Clinical & Regulatory Affairs for Pharmacologics, Biologics, and Medical Devices
Andra Miller Biologics Consulting Group Regulatory Strategy for Cellular & Gene Therapy Products; RAC; CMC
Freda Diane Miller The Hospital for Sick Children Neural Stem Cells; Neurogenesis; Neural Crest Stem Cells
Stephen Minger GE Healthcare Life Sciences Stem Cell Biology, Neurobiology; Cell Technologies
Shoukrhat Mitalipov Oregon Heath & Sciences University Gamete, Embryo, & Stem Cell Biology; Pluripotency
Bruce Montgomery Cardeas Pharma Product Development; Respiratory Disease
Christine Mummery Leiden University Medical Center Pluripotency & Differentiation to Cardiovascular Lineages
Michael Murphy Indiana University School of Medicine Vascular Surgery; Stem Cell Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease; Arterial & Aortic Disease
Richard Myers HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Genomics and Genetics of Human Diseases and Other Traits
Stephen Navran Synthecon, Inc Stem Cell Culture Methods and Applications
Laura Niklason Yale University Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
Mark Noble University of Rochester Regenerative Medicine; Neural Stem Cells; Neurological Disease & Injury
Richard Ochoa Pre-Clinical Safety, Inc. Regulatory Affairs; Pharmacology & Toxicology
Jon Odorico University of Wisconsin Diabetes, Transplantation
Maynard Olson University of Washington Genomics; Natural Variation in DNA Sequence
Kelly Otto Independent Consultant Clinical Drug Development & Clinical Operations
Sean Palecek University of Wisconsin Pluripotency; Tissue Engineering; Biosensors
Aarno Palotie Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Genetics & the Central Nervous System; Migraines; Epilepsy; Schizophrenia; Autism
Nancy Parenteau Ingenium BioTherapy Corpporation Biotechnology; Biological Products; Drug Development
Malin Parmar Lund University Neurodegeneration & Parkinson’s Disease
David Pepperl Biologics Consulting Group, Inc. Regulatory (Pharmacology/Toxicology)
Martin Pera The University of Melbourne Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology; Developmental Biology
Rita Perlingeiro University of Minnesota Lineage-Specific Differentiation (Skeletal); Genetic Correction of Disease
Michael Pfenning Mayo Clinic Hospital Operations & Clinical /Translational Research Administration
Margot Mayer-Pröschel University of Rochester Glial Cells in Development, Disease, and Injury Repair
Mahendra Rao New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute  Pluripotent Stem Cells; Neural Stem Cells; Stem Cell Processing & Therapy
Theodore Rasmussen University of Connecticut Chromatin Dynamics in Pluripotent Cells
Frank Rauscher The Wistar Institute Cancer Center Gene Expression & Regulation; Cancer
Yair Reisner Weizmann Institute of Science Transplantation Immunology
Jared Roach Institute for Systems Biology High Throughput Systems Biology Data; Immunology; Neurodegeneration
Gail Robertson University of Wisconsin-Madison Cardiac & Neuronal Electrophysiology
Frank Rockhold Duke University Biostatistics: Clinical Trial Design: Data Monitoring
Mauricio Rojas University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Stem Cells in Lung Repair and Injury
Raymond Roos University of Chicago Neurodegenerative Diseases (ALS, MS)
Barry Rosen The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics; Genetic Manipulation of ES Cells
Michael Rosen Columbia University Cardiovascular Disease
Alan Rosmarin University of Massachusetts Hematology; Transcriptional Regulation
Theodora Ross UT Southwestern Hematopoiesis; Leukemia
Janet Rossant The Hospital for Sick Children Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Anne Rosser Cardiff University CNS Regeneration (HD, PD)
Josh Rubin Washington University in St. Louis Pediatric Brain Tumors; Brain Development Mechanisms & Tumorigenesis
Michael Rudnicki Ottawa Health Research Institute Myogenesis; Transcriptional Regulation
Steven Russell Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Research
David Sachs Massachusetts General Hospital Immunobiology of Transplantation; Xenotransplantation
Hesham Sadek UT Southwestern Cardiac & Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology; Metabolomics; Microenvironment
Michel Sadelain Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Gene Therapy; Bone Marrow Transplant; Immunology; Cancer
Jacqueline Sagen University of Miami Neural Transplantation; Axonal Regrowth; Chronic Pain Syndromes
Hans Scholer Max Plank Institute for Molecular Biomedicine Stem Cell Pluripotency & Germline Development
James Schwob Tufts University Neural Development; Olfactory Projection; Neurogenesis
Norman Sharpless The University of North Carolina School of Medicine Clinical Oncology; Tumor Suppressors in Aging & Cancer
Warren Sherman Columbia Unversity Medical Center Cardiology; Cardiac-based Regenerative Medicine & Cellular Therapies
Robert Simari University of Kansas Medical Center Cardiology; Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Research
Paul J. Simmons Mesoblast Hematopoiesis, Mesenchymal Stem Cells
G. Sitta Sittampalam National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH Stem Cell & Cancer Stem Cell Biology & Pharmacology; Drug Discovery
Igor Slukvin University of Wisconsin Hematopoietic Development from Pluripotent Stem Cells
Clifford Steer University of Minnesota Hepatology; Gene Therapy; miRNAs as Therapeutic Agents
Gustav Steinhoff University of Rostock Cardiac; Tissues Engineering; Cell Therapy
Rainer Storb Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Hematopoiesis, Bone Marrow Transplantation
Stephen Strom University of Pittsburgh Cancer of Liver and Prostate
Lorenz Studer Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Stem Cell Biology; Degenerative Disease; Cancer
Azim Surani Gurdon Institute Mammalian Germ Cells; Pluripotency; Epigenesis; Single Cell Technology
Megan Sykes Columbia University Transplantation Tolerance; Clinical Bone Marrow Transplantation
Viviane Tabar Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Pluripotent & Neural Stem Cell Biology; Neurosurgery; Tumors
Shuichi Takayama University of Michigan Bioengineering; Nano/Micro Technologies
Jay Traverse Minneapolis Heart Institute Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
Ludovic Vallier University of Cambridge Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology; Endoderm; iPSC Modeling of Liver & Metabolic Disease
Joel Voldman Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bioengineering, Fluid Mechanics, Microscopy
Richard Wade-Martins University of Oxford Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration; Gene Therapy
Amy Wagers Joslin Diabetes Center Hematopoietic & Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells; Aging
John Wagner University of Minnesota Lympho-Hematopoietic Disorders; Bone Marrow Transplantation; Cord Blood
Darin Weber Angioblast Systems, Inc./ Mesoblast, LTD Regulatory (CMC; Device; Cell Therapy)
Keith Wells Biologics Consulting Group, Inc. Antibody; Regulatory (CMC)
Margaret Werner-Washburne University of New Mexico in Albuquerque Cell Biology; Growth Control; Genomics
Theresa Whiteside University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, Cellular Therapy, Immunopathology
Scott Whittemore University of Louisville Spinal Cord Injury
Tom WIlkie UT Southwestern Medical Center Pancreatic Diseases, Diabetes, Stem Cell Transplantation and Cancer
Grant Williams Williams Cancer Drug Consulting, LLC Drug Development; Clinical Regulatory
Michelle LeRoux Williams Independent Consultant Drug & Product Development; Regulatory Affairs; Clinical Regulatory
Barbara Wirostko University of Utah Ophthalmology; Clinical Development
Robin Wright University of Minnesota, St. Paul Cell Biology; Organelle Biogenesis in Yeast
Michael B. Yaffe Massachusetts Institute of Technology Protein Phosphorylation & Cell Cycle
Cassian Yee University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Oncology; Immunology
Peter Zandstra University of Toronto Stem Cell Bioengineering, Signaling
Marco Zarbin New Jersey Medical School Opthamology; Cell Therapy
Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmerman University Medical Center Göttingen Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering
Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker University of Toronto Developmental Immunology, T-cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Thomas Zwaka Baylor College of Medicine Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics