Communications Subcommittee

Membership of Subcommittee: 10 to 13 ICOC Members

Mission Statement

CIRM has a responsibility to educate the public regarding the steps it is taking to achieve its mission. Proposition 71 gives the Chair the responsibility to interface with the California public. The size of California, the diversity of its population, and the complexity of stem cell research present challenges to CIRM’s ability to communicate with the public. The Subcommittee will establish a strategy, in consultation with CIRM staff, to devise new approaches to provide information to the general public and to community leaders on the progress of the agency in meeting the mission of Proposition 71. To accomplish this, the Subcommittee may call upon outside experts for advice and assistance. The Subcommittee will seek to develop objectives and goals, for each quarter, over the next 24 months, starting with the second quarter of calendar year 2010. The Subcommittee, in consultation with CIRM staff, will also develop a system for receiving public input and measuring the achievement of the goals and objectives established by the Subcommittee.

Subcommittee Members

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming meetings for this subcommittee

Communications Subcommittee meeting transcripts and agendas are available in the meeting archives.