Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling

The following is a listing of all applications reviewed under this RFA. Applications include the score (between 0 and 100, with 100 being the best) and a funding recommendation (indicated by the color key below) made by the Grants Working Group (GWG). A link to the Public Abstract (provided by applicant), Statement of Benefit to California (provided by applicant), and Public Review Report are available for each application by clicking on the application title.

= Recommended for funding  
= Tier 2  
= Not Recommended for funding at this time

Tier 2 after 2012: Moderate scientific quality or consensus on scientific merit cannot be reached, and may be suitable for programmatic consideration by the ICOC

Tier 2 before 2012: Recommended if funds allow

Application Number Board approved? Title Score
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12-02 additional information

GWG Recommendation for RFA 12-02

CIRM Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Awards

Seven RFA 12-02 applications were recommended for funding, with a total of 3605 proposed tissue donors; of those, 2581 are diseased individuals and 1024 are unaffected control individuals. For IT-06596, reviewers suggested a reduction by 200 diseased tissue donors.

Reviewers argued that the numbers and characteristics of the proposed unaffected control tissue donors should be re-considered in the context of the entire spectrum of diseases recommended for inclusion in the CIRM hiPSC Initiative. Instead of each awardee collecting tissues from unaffected control individuals with only their disease cohort in mind, reviewers commented that in the context of the genetically complex diseases to be included in the CIRM hiPSC Initiative, it would be appropriate to include a well chosen group of tissue donors to serve as shared controls. Coordinating shared controls will also maximize effective use of funds for the CIRM hiPSC Initiative, as fewer total control tissue donors than proposed may be included.

Reviewers recommended that a new cohort of unaffected control tissue donors be negotiated with the awardees, taking into consideration the age range, ethnicities and gender of all included diseased tissue donors. As this may affect the tissue donor number of individual applications, individual RFA 12-02 Award budgets will be adjusted accordingly during Pre-Funding Administrative Review.

Funding Opportunities

CIRM funds grants through directed Requests for Applications (RFAs).

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