Statement by Robert Klein Chair of the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee Regarding Today’s Hearing at Alameda County Superior Court

San Francisco, CA –“We appreciate the careful consideration of Judge Sabraw in this important decision and look forward to her final ruling. We have the utmost respect for the judicial process and remain confident that Proposition 71 is constitutional, complying with the laws that govern state agencies and remaining accountable to the public.

The will of 7 million California voters continues to be held hostage by a small group that is politically opposed to stem cell research. These tactics, meant only to delay our work, are being employed by ideological organizations opposed to stem cell research, period.

We will continue to fight these opponents of stem cell research. Our mandate is to fund stem cell research aimed toward therapies that will improve the lives of millions of people. We owe it to the voters, we owe it to the patients, we owe it to the families of California.”


CIRM Contact: Nicole Pagano
  (415) 396-9100