University of California, Merced

Award Value
SEED Grant: Michelle Khine Analyzing myc function in human embryonic stem cells $194,371
SEED Grant: Michelle Khine Detection of Cell Lineages Among Stem Cell Progeny by microRNA Profiling $194,371
New Faculty II: Kara McCloskey Building Cardiac Tissue from Stem Cells and Natural Matrices $1,656,705
SEED Grant: Michelle Khine Micro Platform for Controlled Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation $194,371
New Faculty I: Jennifer Manilay Enhancing Survival of Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Grafts by Induction of Immunological Tolerance $1,576,404
Tools and Technologies I: Michael Cleary RNA Analysis by Biosynthetic Tagging (RABT): a tool for the identification of cell type-specific RNAs $481,096
Basic Biology V: Kara McCloskey Directed Differentiation of Specialized Endothelial Cells $476,052
Major Facilities: John White Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry $4,341,321
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