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SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Pericellular proteolysis in human ES cell differentiation and tumorigenesis $703,684
Basic Biology II: Huei-sheng Chen Expansion and maturation of human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived ventricular myocytes $1,587,610
Basic Biology II: Huei-sheng Chen Wnt/GSK3 as a general regulator of protein half-life in human embryonic stem cells $1,587,610
Basic Biology II: Huei-sheng Chen TGF-beta family signaling by Smads in human embryonic stem cell differentiation behavior $1,587,610
Basic Biology II: Huei-sheng Chen CharacteriSectionzation of human ES or iPS-derived striatal neurons for Huntington Disease $1,587,610
SEED Grant: Hudson Freeze Regulation of human embryonic stem cell fate by different forms of the Polycomb transcriptional silencing machinery. $708,000
SEED Grant: Ziwei Huang Formation of Personalized Embryonic Stem-Like Cells by In Vitro Epigenetic Cell Reprogramming $708,000
SEED Grant: Robert Oshima Paracrine factor-mediated stem cell differentiation to cardiac myocytes $696,354
SEED Grant: Zhuohua Zhang Human stem cell-derived motor neurons as an experimental model for ALS $701,060
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Genetic manipulation of human embryonic stem cells by lentiviral vectors. $703,684
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Directed differentiation of hES cells into the heart valve lineage $703,684
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Creating Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Containing Multiple Sclerosis Genomes via Cell Fusion $703,684
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha on Stem Cell Fate Determination in the Central Nervous System $703,684
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Modulation of Stem Cell PTHrP/Wnt Signaling to Prevent Chronic Lung Disease $703,684
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Regenerative CF Airway Epithelium by Embryonic Stem Cells $703,684
Research Training II: Mark Mercola Type III CIRM Stem Cell Research Training Program $2,856,693
Basic Biology IV: Huei-sheng Chen Studying Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia with patient-specific iPS cells $1,582,606
Basic Biology II: Huei-sheng Chen Endothelial cells and ion channel maturation of human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes $1,587,610
Research Leadership 1: Robert Wechsler-Reya The role of neural stem cells in cerebellar development, regeneration and tumorigenesis $5,226,050
SEED Grant: Huei-sheng Chen Development of Neuro-Coupled Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Pacemaker Cells. $695,680
SEED Grant: Alexey Terskikh Analysis of Candidate Neural Crest Cells Derived from Human ES Cells $703,684
SEED Grant: Robert Oshima Trophoblast differentiation of human ES cells. $696,354
New Cell Lines: Zhuohua Zhang Derivation of Parkinson's Disease Coded-Stem Cells (PD-SCs) $1,556,448
SEED Grant: Hudson Freeze Role of Glycans in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Conversion to Neural Precursor Cells $708,000
SEED Grant: Gregg Duester Retinoic Acid-FGF Antagonism during Motor Neuron Differentiation of Human ES Cells $695,229
SEED Grant: Zhuohua Zhang Modeling Parkinson's Disease Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells $701,060
SEED Grant: Ziwei Huang New Chemokine-Derived Therapeutics Targeting Stem Cell Migration $708,000
Comprehensive Grant: Stuart Lipton MEF2C-Directed Neurogenesis From Human Embryonic Stem Cells $2,832,000
Comprehensive Grant: Mark Mercola Chemical Genetic Approach to Production of hESC-derived Cardiomyocytes $2,832,000
Early Translational I: Evan Snyder Developmental Candidates for Cell-Based Therapies for Parkinson's Disease (PD) $5,190,752
Shared Labs: Evan Snyder Collaborative Laboratory for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research $1,805,884
Disease Team Therapy Planning I: Stuart Lipton hESC-derived NPCs Programmed with MEF2C for Cell Transplantation in Parkinson’s Disease $96,448
Disease Team Planning: Mark Mercola "Stem Cell Therapies for Heart Failure" $44,450
Early Translational IV: Stuart Lipton Programming Human ESC-derived Neural Stem Cells with MEF2C for Transplantation in Stroke $2,124,000
Disease Team Therapy Planning I: Marcel Daadi Neural Stem Cell-Based Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease $63,952
Training Grant I-2: Mark Mercola Burnham Institute CIRM Stem Cell Training Grant (Type II) $1,061,865
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