CIRM Stem Cell Champions

We asked people at the World Stem Cell Summit to tell us why they are Stem Cell Champions. Many had friends or family members with incurable diseases. Others are champions because they are excited about the scientific progress. Here they are in their own words.

We need more champions like these people to help make sure the progress continues. See our Stem Cell Champions page to download your own sign and become a champion for the field. Upload your photo to Instagram with the tag #SCchamp and your photo will appear here.

Sai Veluma is a student #stemcell science editor and class instructor @UCBERKELEY #SCchamp
This stem cell champion wants to find cures for children's neurological conditions #SCchamp
Suzanne Portnow runs the cord blood collection program at UC Davis #SCchamp
Kayla Horton wants a cure for cystic fibrosis #SCchamp
Judy Roberson lost her husband to Huntington's disease #SCchamp
Katie Hinshaw's husband has Huntington's disease #SCchamp
This Stem Cell champion wants to cure cancer #SCchamp
CIRM board member Anne-Marie Duliege supports our efforts to find therapies #SCchamp
Sherry Hikita is part of a team at #UCSB working on a therapy for macular degeneration #SCchamp
Family looking for a bright future.. Katie Hinshaw and Kayla Horton.. For stem cell advancements to cure HD and CF! Go Jan Nolta!! #scchamp
Julie Mangada of the Buck Institute helps teach people about stem cells #SCchamp
Nan Luke has MS and is working for a cure #SCchamp
Lorraine Steihl has a husband with diabetes #SCchamp
Lisa Willemse of Canada's Stem Cell Network is a stem cell champion #SCchamp
Our president Alan Trounson helps drive stem cell therapies #SCchamp
Jeanne Loring of Scripps Research institute is working on a therapy for #parkinsons #SCchamp
The UC Berkeley student stem cell society members are great stem cell champions #SCchamp
Laurel Barchus helped CIRM develop our high school curriculum #SCchamp
Frances Saldana has lost family members to Huntington's disease #scchamp


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